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Our Vision

Our vision is to see God's Story of redemption transform the story of our lives, our church, and our communities.

People and places are broken. If we look at the world around us, or if we honestly examine our own lives, we see this brokenness everywhere. It cuts down the middle of each of us regardless of race, status, or background. We believe God wants to put back together what is broken by restoring people and places to what they were intended to be.

With our words and our lives, we want to tell God's Story - the story of Jesus coming to rescue us and renew our broken world. We want to humbly join the conversation about our city's future, commending this story as the ultimate resource for urban renewal.

We Value God's Story.
We seek to be a community immersed in the Bible, finding our identity and mission within the story it tells.
We Value Community.
We want to be a church where authentic relationships are forged and deep belonging is experienced.
We Value Mission.
We participate in God's Story of redemption by putting down roots to serve the people and places in our city.
We Value Authenticity.
We work to create a culture of grace where honest questions are asked and real life struggle admitted.
We Value Creativity.
We celebrate God's creativity and rejoice in the unique gifts He has given each of us to tell His Story.