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Community Groups 

"I think it's because people need to get together." A local community leader, on why the Italian Festival attracts large crowds each year

Our identity as a church is rooted in the belief that the church is not an event we attend, or a building we go to, but a community of people who follow Jesus together. We use a number of different expressions to communicate this philosophy, but what we’re ultimately trying to say is that we don’t want to be isolated individuals who simply come to church. We want to be the church, living in God’s Story together as family for the good of our city and the glory of God.

There's a rhythm to our community life. We come together for our weekly worship gathering on Sundays in order to be renewed in the gospel (the church gathered). One of the primary ways the gospel gets pressed more fully into the details of our stories is through community groups that meet in between Sundays (the church scattered). A community group is a community of people who live in God’s Story together by being the church to one another and by being the presence of Christ to our city. In community, we laugh together, cry together, serve together, and walk through life together. We celebrate the ordinary things of life by eating and drinking together and by participating in the rhythms of city life together. Through all of this, we take time to listen to one another's stories, for it's at the place where our stories intersect with God's Story that we find identity, meaning, and purpose.

Community groups are safe places to journey in the hope of Christ through community building, sharing, prayer, Bible study, and service. These groups are typically made up of 6-12 people. They are safe environments for those who are already followers of Christ to be challenged to live in the gospel and to live out its implications. They are also safe environments for those who are not yet followers of Christ to process and discover the gospel for the first time. In other words, you can belong before you believe.

We currently have 3 community groups that meet in the city, and 3 that meet outside the city in the metro Wilmington area. We'd love for you to find belonging in one of our communities. Check out the group page to find out more details for the community group you are interested in:

North Wilmington

Cool Spring 1 (City)

Cool Spring 2 (City)

Pike Creek

Trinity Vicinity (City)