We are a collection of people with diverse stories and backgrounds

Our story began when approximately 30 people gathered in the Sicas’ living room on the night of January 31, 2010. The group that assembled that night came from different places of belief—some were committed followers of Jesus, others were curious, and some weren’t sure what to think. A funny thing happened after that night: people continued to come. Too many people for a living room in fact, so our Sunday night gathering was moved to a rental facility in Trolley Square. Community groups started that summer, and after holding three preview services at the Delaware Theater Company on the Riverfront, we launched weekly worship in the Cool Spring Neighborhood on September 26, 2010.

We have grown into a worshiping community of approximately 150 people since our launch with five community groups that meet throughout the week. We formally organized as a congregation on February 28, 2016. 

We are a neighborhood church within a city church within a regional church.

Among members and regular attenders, we have over 15 households represented in the Cool Spring Neighborhood, a focus of our church’s mission. We also have a number of households located in other neighborhoods of the city. We cast a vision for people to move into Wilmington, but we don’t believe everyone is called to do so.

45% of our covenant members live inside the city, while 55% live outside. We currently have five community groups: three meet within the city; two meet outside the city. Wilmington is a regional hub where we gather together as a church family for Sunday worship and then scatter to live on mission wherever God has placed us.