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Pointing little hearts to Jesus, the hero of God's Big Story



Pointing little hearts to Jesus, the hero of God's Big Story...

How do we do this?

By proclaiming the gospel as the basis for a relationship with God, not our good behavior. The central message of God’s Story is the good news that Jesus came to rescue us from sin and make all things new. If our children are going to grasp this good news and walk authentically with God, we must teach the Bible in such a way that Jesus is presented as the hero. Only then will our children be empowered to live lives of moral beauty as a response to what God has done for them in a story bigger than their own.

By providing a safe and loving oasis our children can count on. Our goal is to do more than just babysit. We strive to demonstrate God’s love through quality care with in-depth, age-appropriate teaching that point our children to Jesus. City Church Kids offers our children an opportunity to find belonging in a community of kids with whom they will play, grow, and discover God’s great story. And ultimately fully participate in the community and mission of our church.

By partnering with parents in raising our children in the Christian Faith. City Church Kids alone cannot make disciples of our children. This is ultimately the responsibility of parents who have the opportunity to model life in Jesus on a daily basis. City Church Kids can support parents in their calling. To equip our children to live redemptively in the everyday stuff of life, we all need to be in this together as a church family.

When do we do this?

Children stay with us for the first part of the service, go to City Church Kids during the sermon, and then return for the conclusion of the service. The reason for this pattern is that we want our children to learn the rhythm of worship and to understand that they are part of God's family. During City Church Kids, our children experience quality care and enjoy fun activities, including an age-appropriate lesson centered on the person and work of Jesus.  

For more information about what happens during City Church Kids, or if you would like to serve in this ministry, please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Kristina Pansa.

Resources for training children in God's Big Story: